The Selfie: Making sense of the “Masturbation of Self-Image” and the “Virtual Mini-Me”

Alise Tifentale, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York (CUNY)

1 Introduction: Selfiecity and The Networked Camera
2 Why Selfies Matter?
3 Selfie as Old and New Genre of Photography
4 Why Instagram Matters?
5 Art of the Masses, Finally
6 Taking a Snapshot of the Paradigm Shift
7 Acknowledgments
8 Annotated Bibliography: Suggestions for Further Reading
8.1 Vernacular Photography
8.2 Portrait Photography
8.3 Self-Portrait Photography
8.4 Photography, the Internet, and Social Media
8.5 Selfies


Introduction: Selfiecity and The Networked Camera

Can a single selfie tell us something meaningful about a whole city? A thousand selfies? A million? Does the quantity of selfies make a difference? Can the methods used to analyze selfies produce a new meaning that could not be discovered otherwise? What could possibly a group of selfies, taken in a particular city, reveal us about this city? They definitely can tell quite a lot about the specific individuals who happened to take and post their selfies from a given geographical area within a given time. They also tell a lot about Instagram as an exemplary online image-sharing platform and thus offer some insights into some of the uses of social media in general.

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